Course Assignments

On this page you can assign selected users to courses.

You can filter the list of courses according to the following criteria:

  • Display only courses the user is already assigned to
  • Display all available courses
  • Display only courses that are archived and the user is assigned to
  • Filter courses by name (please enter a course name or part of it into the text field)

The list of courses contains the following information:

  • Name of the course
  • Group of the user within a course
  • Course participant Yes/No
  • Reviewer Yes/No
  • Status of course booking (not yet invited, invited, confirmed)
  • Expiration date of booking (if set): After this date the user no longer has access to the course

You can add a user to a course by ticking the „participant“ checkbox. The status of the user will automatically be changed to „confirmed“. It is not necessary to send an invitation.

To remove a course assignment, please uncheck the boxes in the participants column.

You can assign review rights to a course participant by ticking the „reviewer“ checkbox. The user can then review the cases assigned to that course. By unchecking this box, the user no longer has review rights.