On this page you can create new Accounts for authors, tutors or even administrators and edit existing accounts.

Create new accounts

  • Please enter all neccessary information in the appropriate fields and select the group the user sahll be assigned to.
  • Click on Save to save the account.
  • Has the Login already been created, you will get an error message. Please beware that the login must be a valid email-address.

Change an account

  • Please enter the login or any other data of the account and click on “Search”.
  • You can change all information for this account, except the Login. You can also lock the account, so the user will not be able to login anymore.
  • An overview about the course bookings you find if you cklick on the button “Course Booking”.
  • To save your changes, please click on “Save”.


  • Will empty the form and enables searching and/or editing another account.

Delete an account

  • If you want to delete an existing author account, you click on “Delete”. All Case access grants will be deleted and the case ownerships will be granted to the selected author. The auomatic created private course of this author will be deleted, so that no cases are accesible in the Player. He will also be removed from any courses he is asigned to.


  • Author - can create and edit own cases
  • Tutor - can create and edit own courses, for setting up co-tutors please refer to the “CourseAccessManager”, tutors are allowed to create player accounts in the course manager.
  • Caseaccess via search - access to the “Case search” link  
  • Administrator - can create all types of accounts: player, authoring and tutors. They also can controll co-authors, co-tutors and have access to specific group settings. If available to group have full read and write access to all subscriptions.
  • Statuspage access  (not available for all administrators)
  • Special Subscription Manager roles, not available to all users/institutions:
  • Subscriber - has full read and write access to own subscriptions.
  • Supporters - has limited read and write access to own subscriptions.
  • AdminSupporters - has limited read and write access to all subscriptions.

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