Integration from/to other systems

CASUS offers a variety of integration opportunities to and from other IT systems:

  • AICC (deprecated)
  • LTI from other systems, e.g. LMS moodle
  • Shibboleth / eduGain
  • xAPI / Learner Record Store - spooling usage data to an own data source


To use LTI administrators of both systems have to exchange information (a shared secret for encryption) first, please contact the CASUS system if you sould like to use LTI.


To make use of Shibboleth and simplified profile based openeing of courses please contact CASUS Team.

xAPI / Learner Record Store (LRS)

This is at this moment in testing. The feature will allow to spool usage data of your users to an own LRS. Please note that it's your responsibility then to comply with GPDR regulations.Wehn self hosted documentation on what data is stored is needed, if hosted externally you have to pay attention to regulations, especially but not limited to cloud services. When you are located in the EU and would like to use cloud services outside the EU this is particularly tricky. We are trying to document some best practice in the future. If you have any doubt, please use this feature carefully and/or contact us for details.

Entering LRS information itself should be self explanatory: you have to provide an URL + credentials (usually login/password), LRS without credentials are not considered as best practice. Additionally you can select in a menu the level of details send to you entered LRS:

  • Case Level: only events like open, close, resume, terminate case will be sent to your LRS
  • Card Level: Card related events, like spending time is sent.
  • Answer Level: Submitting user answer will be sent (not all answer types are supported yet)


On this page you can create the interface of your Casus course to your Learning Management System moodle. Students the do not have to login again when accessing the Casus course (SingleSignOn). Simply create the zip file on this page and download it. In your moodle course you can then upload this file as Scorm package. Please make sure that the Casus course is openend in a new window.

CAVE: Please beware that this SingleSignOn interface only works if your moodle Administrator has uploaded a patch to your moodle. If you are unsure or have questions please contact the CASUS support team.

Individual Services

In case your institution is using any other Learning Management systems, please contact us, to discuss the possibilities for implementing a SingleSignOn interface.

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