As an author, CASUS offers you varied design possibilities for a professional and quick creation of case studies, enabling you to concentrate on the essential: working on the course content!

CASUS enables you to work quickly and effectively. When CASUS was developed, one of the priorities was to enable normal internet users to use all functions immediately. The design closely follows generally known functions, there is no need for an extended training period.

One of the strengths of CASUS is the smooth integration of multimedia elements (graphics, photos, films). In principle, all electronic documents can be used for case creations, and multimedia elements are integrated with a simple mouse-click.

CASUS allows you to quickly create interactive elements for your courses, without the need for programming experience. Apart from many standardized interactive functions (a wide range of interactive task types, references/hyperlinks, and many more), CASUS provides the possibility to embed specific expert comments as an added pedagogical value.
One of the novelties offered CASUS is the specially developed e-teaching module which enables you to contact the student, thus providing the possibility for a direct dialogue as well as a quick overview of students’ performances and motivations.

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