The learner can enter a comment to a card of your case using the protest button (if enabled for the course). These comments are listed on the “Comments page”. Also reviewers can create comments for your case, which are also listed here.

If there are comments for a card, you see the letter-symbol in the case structure on the lefthand side.  To read the comments please cklick on this symbol. The comments also will be displayed if you open a card and click then on the tab “Comments” in the upper navigation bar.

Explanation of the user interface:

In the upper box the comments are be displayed. You can:

  • answer a comment. Your answer will be displayed for the user in theplayer on this card. Additionally you can choose to send him an email with your answer as well.
  • mark a comment as completed. It will then moved into the archive.

You can access the archived/completed comments any time via the Archive link!

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