Cloze question

You provide a text with blank spaces and the students have to fill in the missing words or text phrases according to your question.
Choose Cloze from the Pop-up Menu and type your desired text into the box. The number of the correct answer field needs to be enclosed in # characters. e.g.:

  • Enter into the textbox: Today the #1# shines.
  • Then enter in the textfield 1 the correct answer and include synonyma in the second text field (add them to the list by clicking on the red arrow). This is the same mechanism as for freetext questions.

      The learner will see the text like this: Today the _____ shines.

Typo tolerance:
To allow a certain number of typos in the users answer you can set the type tolerance up to 3. Please think carefully about the setting of this value, for example if setting the type tolerance to 2 both of the followong answer would be considered as correct:Hypothereosis and Hyperthyreosis!

You can find more information about this kind of question and didactical advices here.

Under the link Rating mechanism you can change the following settings:

In addition the following communication features are available:

  • The students can write a comment for this answer.
  • The author/tutor will get a message if a student has answered the question.

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