Freetext question

For freetext questions there are no possible answers given, the student is expected to formulate the answer themselves. Comprehension answers are graded through text recognition. Single expressions and synonyms of those are recognoized but no grammar. Therefore the question should be constructed so that the student can give short, succinct answers or just keywords.

      A bad example:
      “What do you have to take into account for an X-Ray examination?” …………..

      A good example:
      “With which technical examination can fractures be made visible?”

When you choose Freetext in the Pop-up Menu, two input lines will appear. and you must type in the correct answers as cues. Using the second text field you can include as many synonyma as you wish, please click on the red arrow to add the new synonym to the list.
The synonyma will be taken into consideration when the student answer is evaluated. You can get more input lines by choosing the number of lines and clicking on “Add”. Lines which are not needed can be left empty or removed using the cross symbol.

Typo tolerance:
To allow a certain number of typos in the users answer you can set the type tolerance up to 3. Please think carefully about the setting of this value, for example if setting the type tolerance to 2 both of the followong answer would be considered as correct:Hypothereosis and Hyperthyreosis!

More information about this kind of question and didactical advices can be found here.

Under the link Rating mechanism you can change the following settings:

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