You can supplement your text with external websites, images and movies using a hyperlink. The integration of pictures and films can only function if you have previously accepted the self-signed safety certificate (only Java 1.4).

To activate a hyperlink, please follow these steps:

  • Mark the word that you would like to turn into a hyperlink,
  • Click on the hyperlink symbol ().
  • Double-click the hyperlink word to open a new window in which you can choose your medium and what you would like to change.
  • You can choose between different kinds of hyperlinks (text, image, movie, or external website).
  • Then click ok.
  • Before closing the editor please click on the save button () in the top right-hand corner and then close the window with the ok button.

If you wish to remove all styles, click on the button remove style in the card editor window. PLEASE BE AWARE - all hyperlink content will also be lost!

Please note: In player mode, users will see an additional icon that links to a user experience site. If the font is too small, this icon might not be adequately displayed. We therefore recommend using links that use font size “normal” or bigger.