Mapping Question

The student will answer this question by creating a map of items using drag and drop. You can enter as many drag (first row) and drop (first column) items as needed. Please map each drag item with exactly one drop item, each drop item can be mapped to none, one or more drag items.
Please keep in mind that each drag item needs to be unique, otherwise the system cannot rate the students' answers correctly (rating is based on the underlying ID and not on the text of the item).
If you have drag items that appear more than once, please try to turn these into drop items instead, in most cases this should solve the problem.


Question: Please map the following diagnoses with the appropriate treatments:

Drag items:

  • Appendicitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Diabetes mellitus

Drop items:

  • Insulin
  • Surgery
  • Antibiotics
  • No therapy

Another possibility is to map image structures. You can upload images (e.g. anatomic image) and enumerate structures in the image using the image editor. The student has to map the structures within the image with the answer items. This is a very useful feature for anatomic structures, radiology images, etc.

More information about this kind of question and didactic advice can be found here.

The rating mechanism can be used to change the following settings: