Multiple-Choice question

For multiple-choice answers you must stipulate how many different possible answers there will be and which one is correct. Choose “MC Answer” in the Pop-up Menu, then three (A-C) answer boxes will appear. In case you need more answer boxes just select the number from the select box and click on “Add”.  Lines which are not needed can just be left empty. You can designate an answer to be correct by putting a tick in the checkbox to the left of the answer item.

By ticking the checkbox “Show number of correct answers in player” the user will get the number of correct answers (e.g. “3 of 5 answers are correct”) and if there is only one correct answers there will be radiobuttons instead of checkboxes.

If you mark an answer option as “Poison answer”. This means that in case of a wrong poison answer the learner will get 0 point for this question in case he has selected this answer option, no matter how many other options he might have chosen correctly. For a correct poison answer the learner has to include this option in his answer to avoid getting 0 points. Please contact us, in case you have any questions concerning this option.

You can find additional information about multiple-choice questions and didactical advices here

Under the link Other options you can change the following settings:

Besides new communication features are currently in the testing period (not available everywhere):

  • The students can write a comment for this answer.
  • The author/tutor will get a message if a student has answered the question.

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