Slider Question

This answer type enables the student to evaluate statements with a rating scale. 

You can create as many statements with corresponding sliders as you would like. You can set the correct answers by moving the sliders to the desired position (a range can be defined under options, see description below).

You have the following options:

  • Minimum and maximum: This defines the minimum (left) and maximum (right) value of the scale.
  • Steps: Defines the intervals between the minimum and maximum.
  • Left and right scale label: You can enter a label for your maximum and minimum (e.g. „totally agree“ and „totally disagree“), if you do not enter anything then the minimum and maximum value will be displayed.
  • Do NOT display scale in player: If you choose this option, the rating scale will not be displayed in player mode. This can be useful for specific study settings.
  • Range: This is the tolerance range, which will be considered when rating this answer. For example, if you define the range as 10 and the user chooses 50, whereas the correct answer has been set by the expert slider at 56, then it will be rated as correct because it is within a range of 10. If the range were set to 5, then the answer would be rated as wrong.