Manage cases

Filter function

With the help of the filter function you can search for cases based on specific criteria, which will then be listed in the case list on the left hand side.
You can filter based on the following criteria: Title, author's name as well as content domain. For the output you can determine that the cases be sorted by name or ID. You can always combine the different filter possibilities as you wish. In order to start the filtering process click on filter.

Please note, that the information from the case author (Metadata) is decisive for the filter function.

Choosing cases

Using the arrows found between the lists, you can intergrate marked learning cases (in the list on the right hand side) into your own course or remove them from your course. The list on the left hand side offers a wider choice of possibilities so that you can actually enter a whole list of different cases simultaneously into your course. The function of marking more than one item at the same time works just the same as by the student list.
As soon as you assign a case to your course, it is added to the caselist. The order in this list determines the display order in the case selection of the player.

Changing the order of the cases

You can change the order of the cases by marking a case and moving it upwards or downwards by clicking on the appropriate arrow. The marked case will then move one place.

Extra information about a case

If you wish to know more about a case, then mark the case in question in the list on the left hand side and click on the button details: the case title, authors` names, a case description (provided by the authors) and the date when the case was last changed, will be shown.

More information about case criteria.

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