Edit case criteria

You can define criteria which a student must fulfill when working on the case, so that a case can be considered to have been successfully completed. You can define such criteria specifically for each individual case from your course:

  • For every case you can stipulate the start date when the case should be given free in your course.

The desired start date should be typed into the upper field. If you leave this field empty, then the case is accesible thruoghout the course duration. Below the date field you can find three option fields for three different possible working criteria. For each of them there is the possibility to enter information which correlates to the relevant limit.

  • You can stipulate a minimum number of minutes which a student should spend working on the case.
  • As well as this you can also regulate the minimum number of cards relating to a case which must be opened by a student (as a rule 100% would be the most useful).
  • Another criteria is the stipulation of a minimum success rate (in percentage) based on answering questions.
  • Besides for CME courses admins can fix the fee and edit the FBN resp. password.

If you do not define the criteria, then the Course Manager will adopt the standard criteria laid down for judging the successful completion of a case. You can find out more information about this theme in the chapter Evaluation.

You can combine the criteria as you wish or just leave everything empty. If you choose the latter, then the standard settings will automiatically come into practice.
Please note that chosen criteria will only come into pracitce when you have activated the relative option box by clicking on it.

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