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Copy or Export Cases

Administrators who have the required access rights can duplicate, export and import cases on this page. Copies may also be available directly in the authoring case selection page.

To export a case, simply enter the case-ID and click “export” or “duplicate”.

To duplicate a case, please enter the case-ID. Optionally, you can make a copy (new version) of the original case and enter authors and the group that the case belongs to. The latter two can also be changed any time later on in the case access area. Copied cases apply the default settings (include hidden cards, no hyperlink check, no versioning, mode CASUS, QTI assign original authors, co-authors and group).

Experimental only:

  • To import a case, it has to be conformant to the MedBiquitous Virtual Patient Standard. You can upload the ZIP file and start the process using the “import” button. Because of the constraints of the MedBiquitous standard, not all features can be imported. Notably, this experimental feature has only been tested within the eVIP project for CAMPUS and Open Labyrinth packages.
  • The mode default is CASUS and QTI for question and answer types.  We do not recommend switching to other modes at this point. As the MedBiq standard does not support all features of CASUS (e.g. in text formatting), you will loose information by choosing “evip” and “non QTI” mode.
  • Optional “export for app” is experimental and for internal use only, as well as the optional “import from IMS”. Please do not use these at this moment.

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