On this page the CME modules available to you are displayed.


Clicking on this link opens a CME module. The module can consist of CME questions only or a combination of learning cards and CME questions. For the certificate creation, only the CME questions are important. Please keep in mind the end date, after which the module cannot be opened any longer. It is then available in the CME-archive.

If available CME modules can be booked. If with costs, you will be redirected to a booking page (PayPal). Beware: Modules can only be booked if you are legitimated (either by the registration process or the platform you have logged in or by sending in the required document).

Entering PIN
If available, you can book additional modules with a Pin. Pins are distributed by our partners such as Elsevier or IAS.  Each PIN can only be used once, please make sure that you enter it correctly!

For German physicians CME credits are transferred automatically to the medical associations in Germany. After transferring the data, you will see “transferred” on the modules page.

For completed modules a certififcate is created, that can be printed (Beware: The certificate is protected to avoid any misuse). Please beware that you have to complete your user profile with the required information, such as name, adress, EFN (if a german phsyician).

German physicians only: Here you find the information whether your credits have been transferred to the medical association. This only works for German physicians and if you have completed you user profile with the required information.  Otherwise you have to print you certificate and send it to your medical association.

If available you will get an overview about the correct answers after completing the module.

Please contact if you have any questions or problems.

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