The CASUS course manager works independently of the platform. For a convenient case application during the course, the course manager offers the possibility to create groups or courses, to attribute access authorisations to individual persons or groups and also to globally evaluate results through a secure internet link.

Course manager for Course Instructors

  • With the CASUS course manager, you can provide access to course contents on the internet or intranet to a user group defined by you
  • You can define the authorisations of certain persons or groups with the access management. Governed by the case access authorisations, external authors, texters and translators may, for instance, only access the author system of CASUS, but may not enter users or view statistics.
  • Course instructors can update cases at any time
  • As an additional function, access to learning activities can be made conditional upon the (successful) completion of preceding activities
  • You will receive statistics on how the users viewed the information and how they answered your questions

Course manager for Students

  • After the login, participants receive an overview over the courses they registered for (overview “my courses”) or an alternative homepage, which also displays course news and important deadlines
  • The student can view a summary of all relevant cases at a glance
  • The participant can switch from one course to another with a simple mouse-click on the name of the course
  • The home view also enables the participant to see which cases he has already worked on or completed

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