Search User

You can search for participants to following options:

  • last name (also part of words)
  • first name (also part of words)
  • student ID number (also single numbers)
  • e-mail address (also part of words)

You can search for only one item but it is also possible to combine the search items. The more details you look for, the less search results will be listed.

With a click on the “Search-Button” you start the search.

The search results give you the following information:

  • first and last name
  • student ID number (if available)
  • login
  • group the user belongs to
  • creation date and status (if the user is not authorized resp. if the registration has been finished)

You can adopt user in a course by selecting one, then choose a course from the list and click on “Add”. 
If you want to edit the user data please click the symbol “Edit User Profile”.

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