Lab Values Answer

This answer type provides the possibility to realize two different tasks:

  • Interpretation of lab values: With this the learner is asked to decide how the lab values vary (low, normal, high) - as expected or according to the given findings.
    If you want only this task select “without checkbox”.
  • Asking for lab values: With this the learner has to decide which lab values have to be requested or which lab values are exspected to vary. With each listed lab value the learner has to decide between yes or no (similar to MC).
    If you want to include this task select “with checkbox”.
    Note: It is not possible to select only this task because this would be conform with a simple MC-question.

Advantage: Specific answer type

Disadvantage: The learners sometimes don´t know that they are supposed to work on two tasks. If you want them to work on both you have to make it clear to them in your question.

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