Network Answer

Suitability: Answer type is appropriate if you want the learner to think over the given findings and the corresponding differential diagnoses in the course of a case.

Advantage: Assists the learner in the process of clinical reasoning.

Disadvantage: Complex answer type, therefore the learner must be given accurate instructions.

Accordng to the desired difficuty you can decide whether you provide only findings or findings and hypotheses (differential diagnoses).

  • Provide only findings (Choose “Hypotheses not preset” in the drop down menu)
    The learner has to think about possible hypotheses himself and is asked to rate the the correlations between findings and hypotheses (+++ means very strong correlation, - - - means very low corelation, etc.).
  • Provide findings and hypotheses (Choose “Hypotheses preset” in the drop down menu)
    With this the learner is only asked to rate the correlations between findings and hypotheses.

The system provides the possibility to adjust the difficulty by altering the number of correlationes (+++ to —. ++ to –, + to -).

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