Inserting questions is aimed at:

  • reactivating available knowledge (knowledge questions)
  • training clinical reasoning (operation questions)

Try to use operation questions as often as possible because they are the core of case-based learning. The  training of clinical reasoning is the most important superordinate learning target of a learning case.
Knowledge questions are sometimes reasonable too, but you don´t necessarily need a case for that.

CASUS provides a variaty of different answer types. To make a case more interesting and motivating it is favourable to use several answer types. But when choosing an answer type the most important criterion is that the answer type has to be suitable for the type of question. Don´t use unfitting answer types only to increase variability!

In the subordinate chapters each single answer type is examined in consideration of suitability for defined question content. Advantages and disadvantages of each type are presented as well.

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