Underline Answer

Advantage: Specific answer type

Disadvantage: It can make the learner insecure when the answer consists of several words.

Suitability: Appropriate for questions that ask to distinguish

  • what is correct and false (e.g. anamnestic conversations),
  • what is important and unimportant etc.

Two suggestions for the specific application of this answer type:

Usage as a modified MC-question
With the use of an underline answer instead of a MC-answer it is possible to sort when otherwise there would be a long list of answer suggestions.
Example: For the interpretation of an ECG the possible findings are listet, whereat all findings that belong together occur in one line (“Rhythm: sinus rhythm, sinus arrhythm, …; Status: left type, ….”) 

Usage as cloze
The advantage over a cloze answer is that the terms have only to be underlined, there´s no need to enter the terms actively.
Example: The ECG shows a (left type, right type, indifferent type).

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