Manage Participants

Here are all students listed, who are registered in your course. You are also able to search for students. If there are more than 500 participants, please use the search form.

You can edit, invite or delete a participant frrom the course by using the icons on the right side of each user-line. Please note that you are not able to edit the data of invited students who haven't confirmed their invitation yet.

You can assign review rights by checking the checkbox “Reviewer”, unchecking this checkbox will revoke these rights. Participants who havn't confirmed their invitation yet can also be reviewers.   (More information you find here.)

Invitate participants
All invitated participants who haven't registered yet will be invited once more. You can find this link in the select box above the user list.

Remove all
All participants will be removed from the course irrevocably (after confirmation). You can find this link in the select box above the user list.

Download list
If you want to download a list with all participants please click here. (tab-delimited textdata, which can be imported in excel)

More pages concerning participant administration
Send email                          Here you can send an email to all participants.
Import List                           Here you are able to upload a list with all email addresses of the participants and invite them then for the course.
Adopt from course                Here you con adopt participants from another course in your course.
Add user                              Here you are able to invite participants for your course.

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