Group Editor

As group administrator, you may make the following settings on this page:

  • Name of the group (read only).
  • Name of your institute/faculty/company.
  • Country and state (read only).
  • Allow e-mail registration: With his setting you authorise all holders of the e-mail domain entered to register themselves for their courses.
  • E-mail domains students can use to register for courses. CAVE: No domains such as “” may be entered here, because this would allow anyone worldwide to register for your courses with their hotmail-ID. If you have questions, please contact, please also check the Course Settings section.
  • Maximum number of users that can take part in courses for your group (read only). Usually, there will not be any limitation set here!
  • Access domain(s) to CASUS: Your participants can have access to CASUS with this address and your settings will only be visible here (such as latest messages).

Settings for the start page:

  • Start page logo: Please upload the logo of your institute/faculty here, if applicable. It will be shown on your personalised start page (you can upload this page on the domain shown).
  • Login with PIN: If you agree, your coaches may upload PIN lists and allocate them to course participants. They can log in using this PIN. If you wish to use PINs, please contact our Support.
  • Language selection: With this setting you can decide, whether the language selection dropdown menu is shown. If you block this, your group’s standard language will be used.
  • Standard language for your group (read only).
  • Accept guests: If you accept, you will have to set up a so-called demo course in your course manager which will be accessible directly on your start page. CAVE: Please check for any applicable data privacy regulations or copyrights for this open offer regarding any available multimedia material.
  • Group URL: You may store an address of your faculty or company in this section. This address will be opened in a new window when you click on the logo on the start page.
  • Comment for the start page: Enter a short welcome message here for the start page (max. number of characters: 4000).
  • Current topics for the start page: Post current message for your users in this section of the start page (max. number of characters: 4000).

If you wish to make any changes in the read-only settings, please contact

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