Image Editor

When clicking on the hyperlink Edit image information below the image in the card editor a new window with a Java applet will popup. Here you can enter additional information to your image, such as polygons, arrows, text and hyperlinks.
This information is available in the webplayer by clicking on the i-symbol below the image.
The loading time of the applet can take quite a long time, when opening for the first time in this session. During the loading time, you have to accept the security certificate. Please beware of the technical requirements for the use of the applet!

These are the possibilities you have for editing (at the moment only under firefox browser!):
 Inserting polygons: 
 You can add polygons to your image and add text to it, which will pop up, when the user clicks onto the polygon.
Please click with your mouse to place the edges of your polygon and close the polygon by clicking into the starting point in the end. By double clicking onto the border of the polygon, a window, where you can enter text, will open. Please press the ok-button to save the text and return to the image editor.
 Adding an arrow: 
 Please click at the position, where you want to have the starting point of the arrow. Then release the mouse-button and click at the desired end-point of your arrow.
 Insertingt text: 
 Click at the position,where you want to place the textfield. Initially there will be displayed “Default text”, but by clicking onto the text, you can enter your own comments. Please beware, that no line breaks are possible! You can access and edit the textfield at any time by clicking into it.
  Adding hyperlinks: 
 After clicking at the position where you want to have the hyperlink, the hyperlink-symbol will appear. By double-clicking a window will open, where you can choose between entering text, an image, a movie or an external hyperlink (like for the style text applet). Please click  and ok, to return to the image editor.

General information

    •    You can mark an object by clicking onto its border.
    •    If an object is marked you can change its color by clicking on the color symbol  and choosing a new color.
    •    Your entries will be saved if you click on the save symbol . 
If you want to return to the card editor afterwards, please click ok
    •    By moving the mouse over the edges of an object and dragging it, as soon as the cursor appears as a hand-symbol the position of objects can be changed.
    •    If an object is marked you can delete it with clicking on the waste basket-symbol ()
    •    The size and shape of an object (polygon and arrow) can be adapted by moving the mouse over an edge of the object until the cursor becomes an arrow-symbol. Then you can click with the left mouse button and drag the object to its new placement.
    •    Please be aware that those additional image information is only available in the preview mode, not in the card editor!

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