Network Answer

In a network answer, you are required to enter possible diagnoses (hypotheses), which correspond to the findings that have been revealed in the case so far. You can then indicate how strongly the findings argue for or against the diagnoses. The findings are shown in the table column header.

To insert your hypotheses:

  1. Type your first hypothesis (possible diagnosis) in the empty text box.
  2. Click “add new hypothesis”. The hypothesis is inserted into the network grid.
  3. You can add more hypotheses by repeating these steps.

To rank the strength of a finding as it relates to the hypothesis:

  1. Click the down arrow under the first finding and select +, ++ or +++ if it argues for the first hypothesis. The more pluses, the more it argues in favor of the hypothesis. If the finding argues against the hypothesis, select -, – or —, relative to the strength of the argument. If the finding neither argues for nor against the hypothesis, leave the field blank. If you are unsure, select “?”.
  2. Follow these same steps for the other findings and hypotheses.
  3. Click “sort”. The system will reorder the hypotheses based on the sum of pluses and minuses that you have entered.

Deleting a hypothesis

To delete a hypothesis, click the trash icon in the row of the hypothesis that you would like to delete.

To see the expert's diagnostic network, click the “submit” button.

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