On this page you can change the ownership and grants for cases. If you have access to more than one group, you can also change the group a case is assigned to.

  • Please select a group or choose - to search in all groups you have access to.
  • You can filter by the name of a case. If you leave this field blank, all cases of this group (or all groups will be displayed.
  • With the radiobuttons Groups or Owners you can choose which of both you want to be editable.
  • Please click Search to get the list of matching cases.


AAs administrator you are able to download the cases of your group. This zip-file contains the whole case in MedBiquitous Virtual Patient (MVP) Standard Format (more information). Please ensure that even after downloading the Intellectual Property Rights and Data Protection are guaranteed and no unauthorised person have access to the data.

Case access

  •  You get a list of authors for every case - the current owner is selected. Case owner have to be in the same group as the case belongs to.
  • In the right-hand selection list you can select as many authors as you want. The selected authors get access to this case. The list contains all authors of the group the case belongs to and if available all authors of subgroups. Select an author from the list and click on the arrow-symbol to add him to the list of co-authors. You changes will be saved automatically.

Group assignment

  •  If you have access to more than one group you can change the group assignment of a case. A change of the group assignment has to be considered carefully! You changes will be saved automatically when you select another group.

Versioning Settings

For details on versioning please look also on the version help page. The cell displays whether the case was never copied form another case, it's a copy or or a version and the date, how long an old version will be accessible in player. Click on the link and you can change the copy flag and the date.


Click on Close, to go to the main menu.

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