Please note: This report is available for admins, course owners and assessment only!

Display and download course cases detailed results. Please note: depending on access rights may NOT show any self assessment questions, so result my be empty!

Please note: you have to select a case first to get any results!

The table shows

  • as rows one case session of a user with student name, firstname login, start date otf the session
  • as columns the cards of the case, the checkboxes “Only cards with questions” and “Including questions for self-assessment” will controll which cards ar displayed
  • The cells contain the users answer, when given, depending on course settings the “score” given for an answer and the time spent on a card

Search and display options

  • start and end date range
  • search for a particular participant
  • checkbox for display  “my” students only
  • depending on access right a select box for institution/group
  • checkbox “Only cards with questions” (checked by default)
  • checkbox ““Including questions for self-assessment” (checked by default)

Automatic Rescoring for one Card (Please note: This feature is not yet available in all versions of CASUS)

If you would like to let the system rescore the users for a card (e.g. after editing a new synonym for a freetext answer) please klick “New Rating” in the header section for the card.

Please note: Manual correction will NOT be overwritten with this function!

Manuell Correction (Please note: This feature is not yet available in all versions of CASUS)

To change a score manually please klick on the percent value, the field gets editable. Enter a score between 0 and 100, the ”%“ character can be added but also can be omitted.

Tip: Entering a * instead of 0-100 forces the system to rescore automatically with built in algorithmns, any manual correction will be overwritten

Manuall corrections are indicated with bold percent values!


Export options

  • checkboxes whether the answer, time, success, weight are exported
  • row identifier: aloows to anonymize the participants
  • create extra empty columns for own calculations
  • checkbox “selected case only” to limit output
  • Exam Report creates a special multitab Excel report including item statistics

Export is available as Excel and tab delimited text file

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