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CASUS Modules - Overview

Player mode allows you to work on a case as a student.

If you are a case author you can access the authoring system to create or edit cases. To obtain access to the authoring system, please contact your local CASUS administrator.

You can provide other authors access to your cases using case access.

The case search page allows you to search the entire CASUS database by entering several filter criteria.

Course manager serves as an administrative tool for those who have access. This tool allows you to create, administrate and evaluate courses and also permits external instructors to view the evaluation data. If you are a tutor and do not have course manager access, you can see your students’ results by clicking on Log data access (currently accessible externally).

As an administrator, you have access to the account manager, case access and course access pages, as well as the group editor.

To quit CASUS, simply click on log out.

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