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Learning Analytics

At Instruct, we know it is important for course administrators to monitor student activity. The student activity data, which the CASUS learning system collects is available to course administrators in the form of a report. The data we collect provides a wealth of information and we encourage you to review the different report types listed below to determine which ones are most useful to you. If you have further questions about these reports, please feel free to contact us or fill out a support request.


It is advisable to use a modern web browser. We recommend Firefox for Windows and Mac. If you encounter any problems using other browsers, we encourage you to try Firefox instead.

An up-to-date PC or laptop will be able to handle the reports better than older computers. The reports are quite performance and memory intensive, thus if you are using an older computer it may cause problems or take an excessively long time to load the reports. Please note also, that the reports might not work on some tablets.

We always try to keep prices as low as possible, so please use the reports sparingly. If there is excess activity on the reports page, it may be necessary to get more hardware, which may cause us to raise prices.

Depending on access rights and course settings, the following reports are available:

  • Summary
  • Sessions per week
  • Case card statistics: cards with questions/answers can provide fine granular feedback on the answer item level.
  • Students
  • Individual logs
  • Case use details
  • Comment student answers

General report functions and hints

CASUS allows you to view your report on screen, filter the data, display a graphical representation and export the data.

CASUS allows you to filter student case use log data. The following filtering options are available:

  • Time range: By selecting a start date and end date you are able to view student case use log data for a specified period of time. A dynamic calendar makes date selection quick and easy. Once your time range is set, click on “search” to activate the filter.
  • User names: You can search our database for a student. This search is based on first name, last name, and e-mail login.

Helpful hint: The system searches ALL students in your group by default. To limit your search select the “only search in data range” option and the system will search for the name that you enter in the “name” box within the date range you have selected.
You can also organize data by groups of students. Check the box labeled “only display my users” and the students you have defined as “my students” will be the only students that are included in your report. To define your students, check the box in the first column of the table of students labeled “my”.

Helpful hint: You can define “my students” in the following reports: students, individual logs, case use details, and comment student answers.

Helpful hint: Once you have defined “my students” and checked the box “only display my users”, each time you retrieve a report, the report will display data for the defined group of students. If you need to change the student group, you can re-define the students by first unchecking the box “only display my users” and then selecting “search”.

Exporting reports

Reports may have additional export options, such as a “tab delimited” file or an Excel file. This is shown in a separate “export” section: to export the format that you would like to have, please click the corresponding icon. The export applies the filter selections that you have previously activated.

Special notes for course owners and administrators:
By default, all information is blank the first time you open one of the following reports: individual logs, case use details, comment student answers.
In order to retrieve your results, you must select an institution and then click on “search”. The “my students” filter default is not set.

Please note: Once you have defined “my students”, the checkbox “only display my users” will automatically be activated the next time you access the reports. To define new students, please uncheck the box and press “search” again. An exception is the student report, which defaults to “my students” being unchecked, so as to accelerate the definition of “my students”.

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