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Case Use Details

This report is only available for admins, course owners and assessments. The case use details reports will display and download detailed results from the cases. Depending on your access rights, the report may not show self-assessment questions, thus the results might be empty.

Important: You have to select a case to get the results.

The table shows:

  • Rows: one case session of a user with the student's first and last name, login, session start date.
  • Columns: cards of the case, the checkboxes “only cards with questions” and “including questions for self-assessment” will determine which cards are displayed.
  • Cells: contain the user's answer, score for an answer (if activated in the settings) and the time spent on a card.

Available search and display options:

  • Start and end date range
  • Search for a particular participant
  • Checkbox for display  “my” students only
  • Institution/group (depending on access rights)
  • Checkbox “only cards with questions” (checked by default)
  • Checkbox “including questions for self-assessment” (checked by default)

Automatic re-scoring for one Card (Please note: This feature is not yet available in all versions of CASUS)

If you would like to let the system re-score users for a specific card (e.g. after adding a new synonym for a free-text answer), please click “new rating” in the header section of the card.

Manual correction (Please note: This feature is not yet available in all versions of CASUS)

To change a score manually, please click on the percent value to edit the field. Enter a score between 0 and 100. The “%” character can be added or omitted. Manual corrections are indicated with bold percent values.

Tip: Entering a * instead of 0-100 forces the system to re-score automatically using built-in algorithms, any manual correction will be transcribed.


Available export options:

  • Checkboxes showing whether answer, time, success, weight are exported
  • Row identifier: allows anonymizing participants
  • Create extra empty columns for own calculations
  • Checkbox “selected case only” to limit output
  • Exam report creates a special multi-tab Excel report including item statistics

Export is available as Excel and tab-delimited text file

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