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Exam Manager

CASUS can also be used for exams. Extended functions are necessary to provide secure exam settings, such as customizable navigation, suppression of the correct answer and suppression of the answer comment. Use of the exam manager requires an extra license and users need to have permission to use the exam manager.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding the exam tool.

Exam users
Exam users will be identified using special codes that are only used for exams. When uploading files with e-mails, they might match CASUS accounts that already exist. You can also create random codes.

A PDF with all necessary data for the exam can be downloaded.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the exam is on an extra web application. If you purchase a license for exams, we will send you details on how users can login using their PIN code.

Exam reports
An exam report consists of a MS Excel file containing several tabs, depending on the exam settings that have been selected. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • All raw data and responses
  • Statistics on questions/modules, containing different calculations
  • Overview with total score per participant and time

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