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On this page you can change the ownership and grants for courses. If you have access to more than one group, you can also change the group a course is assigned to.

Course search

  • Please select a group or choose - to search in all groups you hav access to. By default are public and active courses will be listed.
  • You can filter by the name of a course. If you leave this field blank, all courses of this group (or all groups will be displayed.
  • Please click Search to get the list of matching courses.

Course access

  • You get a list of tutors for every course - the current owner is selected. Course owner have to be in the same group as the course belongs to. To change the course owner simply select another one from the list. Your changes will be saved automatically.
  • In the right-hand selection list you can select as many tutors as you want. The selected tutors get access to this course. To add a tutor select him from the list and click on the arrow-symbol to add him to the list of co-autors. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Group assignment

  • If you have access to more than one group you can change the group assignment of a course. A change of the group assignment has to be considered carefully! Your changes are saved automatically by changing the group selection.

Click on Close, to go to the main menu.

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