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Longitudinal Case Elements

Longitudinal case elements are elements that can be accessed by students throughout the case session. These elements are:

  • Differential diagnostic reasoning
  • Learning objectives

Activating longitudinal case elements:

  • Open the case in the authoring system and then open the toolbar.
  • Activate “enable longitudinal case elements” and then select clinical reasoning.

→ Now the feature is enabled in player mode for this case (please be aware that these elements are not displayed in preview mode). Students can access these elements using the toolbox link on each card.

Optional: If you want to refer your students to this feature, you can do the following:

  •  Open the card that you would like to use for clinical reasoning.
  •  Open the toolbar and change the card settings (you can select whether you want to tell your students about the clinical reasoning feature after they open the card or after they submit their answer).

The clinical reasoning feature will open automatically and a text will appear.

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