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Group Manager

On this page you can create groups and add tutors to each of these groups:

  • You can add groups to your course by selecting them from the list and clicking on add. A new group can only be added to the list by an administrator. The following group settings - name, description and e-mail domains - can only be changed by an administrator. If you are not an administrator, please contact Once you have added a group, you can assign tutors to that group.
  • Click on add tutor to assign instructors to the groups. Please enter their e-mail address and first and last name (optional), then click on add to create an account (if necessary) and add the tutor to the selected course group (and the course itself, so that they have access to the course in player mode). If the account does not exist, a new one will be created automatically. The user name is the e-mail address (lower case) and as a default password “password” is set. Please remind the tutor to change the password as soon as possible.
  • Using the link send e-mail to all tutors, you can send an e-mail to all tutors, who have entered a valid e-mail address.

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