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Individual Logs

Individual log reports are not available to everyone. If you would like to have access to these reports, please contact the CASUS representative at your institute.

The following information is displayed:

  • Rows: Students must start at least one session inside the given time range for rows to appear. If a student row is visible all sessions of this student will be displayed, even those that are outside the time range. The students are displayed by first and last name and user name, additionally the number of sessions and completed sessions are shown. The “my” column helps you organize your students according to certain criteria. When you define “my” students, these will be displayed exclusively on the report. To show all students, please uncheck the “my” checkbox. The column with the “i” can be clicked to open an extra window with all sessions displayed as an exportable PDF file.
  • Columns: all cases of this course.
  • Cells: depending on course settings, the following values representing a user's case session:
    • Flag indicating whether the student passed the case. These criteria also set the color of the cell as either green, red or empty, depending on whether or not the student passed the case or has started the case.
    • Number of cards played: the total card number of the case is shown in the header. Pleae note: Courses that have been active for a long time and in which the content is updated regularly may skew results (e.g. showing that a student has worked through 29 out of 25 cards). This is the result of an editing process when for example, one or more cards were removed completely. This does not effect the color and flag, indicating whether the case criteria have been passed.
    • Time spent on the case
    • The overall score of the case questions (depending on case settings).

Available search and display options:

  • Start and end date range
  • Search by name
  • Checkbox for display only “my” students or all
  • Institution/group (depending on access rights)

Available export options:

  • Date details: will print the start, last access and end date. Please note: This will result in a much bigger export file.
  • Excel file
  • Tab-delimited text file
  • Please note: the colors of the table are only preserved in the Excel output.

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