Individual log reports are not available to everyone automatically. If you think you should have access to the reports and don't, please contact the Duly Authorized Representative for your institution's subscription.

Following information is displayed:

  • as rows the students started at least one session inside the given time range, if a student row is visible all sessions of thisstudent will be displayed even when some of the sessions are outside the time range! The students are displayed with name, first name and login, additionally the number of sessions and completed sessions are shown. The “My” column helps you to organize your students of particular interest. When you define “my” students these will be displayed exclusively on entering the report next time. to show all studnets please uncheck the “my” filtering checkbox in the filtering section. The column with the “i” can be clicked to open an extra window with all sessions displayed also exportable as a PDF file.
  • as columns all cases of this course
  • as cells depending on course settings the folloing values represneting a users case session:
  • a flag indicating whether the student passed th case criterias set also the color of the cell are either green, red or empty depending whether the student passed the case criteria or not, or even hadn't started the session
  • number of cards played thru, the actual total card number of the case is shown in the header. Pleae note: Especially in long running courses when the case contend is updated regularly you might encounter a “funny” display that a student worked thru e.g. 29 of total 28 cards. This may be result of an editing process when e.g. one or more cards were removed completely. This has not an effect on the color and flag indicating whether the case criteria have been passed.
  • time spent in the case
  • depending on couse settings the overall “score” of the cases question and answer block can be displayed here

Available search options

- start and end date range

- search by name

- checkbox for display only “my” students or all

- depending on access rights selection of an institution/group

Export options

  • Date details: will print the start, last access and finish date into the export file, please note: this result in a much bigger export file
  • Excel file
  • tab delimited text file
  • Please note: the colors of the table are only preserved in the Excel output

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