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Will the CME credits be acknowledged by my medical association?
The CME modules in CASUS are certified by the medical association of Bavaria. Other German medical associations also acknowledge the CME credits within Germany. We cannot guarantee that other countries will acknowledge the CME credits that are completed on CASUS.

Who is eligible for CME credits?
All physicians can acquire CME credits.

How many credits can I get?
If you get 100% correct answers you will receive 3 CME credits. If you get 70-99% correct answers you will receive 2 CME credits.

What happens to my CME credits?
The credits are saved to your CME account on CASUS and, if applicable, they will be transferred to your medical association. The certificates will be sent to your e-mail address and can be opened and downloaded at any time.

Data protection
By registering and using our site you have accepted our terms and conditions, which also includes saving your data in our database. Your data will only be used to create your certificate and in communication with the medical associations (this has to be approved by you). Your data will not be transferred or used by third parties.

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