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CME Modules

This page will display all available CME modules.

Clicking on this link will open a CME module. The module can consist of CME questions only or a combination of learning cards and CME questions. In order to get the certificate, you will only have to answer the CME questions. Please pay attention to the due date, once the module has expired you will not be able to open it anymore. After it has expired, it may still be viewed in the CME archive, but you will not be able to receive credit for it.

If available, CME modules can be booked. If a fee is required, you will be redirected to a booking page (PayPal). Please note: Modules can only be booked if you are a legitimate CME user (you must be registered with CASUS, log in using a registered platform, or by sending us the required documentation).

Entering PIN
If available, you can book additional modules using a PIN. PINs are distributed by our partners, such as Elsevier or IAS.  Each PIN can only be used once, please make sure that you enter it correctly!

CME credits
For German physicians, CME credits are transferred automatically to the corresponding medical association in Germany. After transferring the data, “transferred” will appear on the modules page.

CME certificate
For completed modules, a printable certificate will be created (please note: the certificate is protected to avoid misuse). In order to receive the certificate you must complete your user profile with all the required information, such as name, address, EFN (if you are a German physician).

German physicians only: You can use this page to find information concerning credits that have been transferred to your medical association. This is only available to German physicians who have completed their user profile with all the required information. Alternatively, you can print your certificate and send it to your medical association.

If available, you will get an overview of the correct answers after you have completed the module.

Please contact our CASUS support team if you have any questions or problems.

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