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In order to save the changes made on your case and continue working on it, click on save! You can change the information in the case at any time, you just have to click on the name of the case in the navigation frame (left).

When you open a case, the case information page will open automatically in the content frame (right). Please enter the following data before editing the findings matrix:

  • Case-ID and date created will be generated automatically.
  • Name of the case: Will be visible to students in player mode. Everything that is shown in parentheses as a prefix of the case name is for your information only and will not be displayed in player mode.
  • Case type: Please choose one of the following:
    • Learning case: For learning/studying purposes and usually the most common type of case.
    • Exam case: Uses “real” assessments. Cases are not accessible in player mode, only in the exam system, which requires special exam accounts.
    • CME case: These cases are intended for continuing medical education and are only accessible through the CME platform of CASUS.
    • Quiz case: Similar to learning cases, however the student will receive details about their performance and success, which will be displayed in player mode.
  • Name of the author(s) and Institution of the author(s): appears in player mode.
  • Subject area: This is important to filter cases based on specialty fields.
  • Target group: Please choose your target group by clicking on the drop-down menu (additional target groups can be selected after clicking on save).
  • Navigation: Please choose linear or open. Linear cases have to be worked through card by card; it is not possible to skip ahead. Open cases let you access and answer the cards in any order.
  • Language: Please choose the language of your case by clicking on the drop-down menu.
  • Last update: The date will not be updated automatically, so please enter the most recent date of changes made on your case.
  • Comments: Comments are displayed on the case selection page in player mode.
  • Learning objectives: Please use the button at the bottom of the page to enter the learning objectives covered in your case.

Symptoms and Diagnoses

  • Please enter the lead symptoms and diagnoses of your case. This is important for the case search function.


  • Please enter the type of review (content/formal/pedagogical) and the reviewers' names by clicking on the hyperlink.

More Metadata

  • Estimated time: Amount of time the user is expected to take to complete the case.
  • Difficulty: Please choose if your case is easy, intermediate or difficult.
  • Enable longitudinal case elements (more information).
  • Editor(s): If not only authors, but also editors have worked on a case, you can enter their names here. They will be displayed along with the authors’ names in player mode.
  • ISSN/ISBN: If you ordered an ISSN or ISBN for your case, please enter this number here.
  • Approved copyrights: If you use texts, pictures and/or films that do not belong to you, you have to apply for a permit to publish the material.
  • Approved patient consent: If you use photos/films that show patients, please obtain approval to publish these images.
  • Internal comments: Only visible to authors and co-authors.

Please click on Save to save your case and to update your metadata.

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