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The authoring system lets you create problem-oriented cases to teach your students.

The interface structure is divided into a left navigation frame (containing the case structure) and a right navigation frame, in which you can edit individual cards and the properties of the case elements.

The case structure basically consists of 3 levels:

  •  Chapter
  •  Subchapter (optional)
  •  Screen cards (these are the cards that are visible to the user)

The order of the case elements can be changed by drag & drop.

New elements can be created using the context menu. Simply right-click an element to open this menu.

Each card has the option of including an expert comment.

The image editor lets you add information to your images, such as arrows or hyperlinks.

Deleting elements can be done using the context menu. Please be aware that deleting entire (sub-)chapters will also delete all cards that are in that chapter. This is irreversible!

More information about didactic concepts, etc. can be found here.
If you have problems or questions, please contact us.

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