Automatic Case Summary

You can make an autmoatically created case summary available to your course participants. You can activate an configure this case summary under “Metadata” → “Automatic Case Summary”.

The following options are available:

  • Activation of the case summary, either at the end of a completed case session or during a case session (in this case the summary will contain all card elements visited by the learner so far).
  • Allow studen configuration: If activated students can create an individual summary by choosing from the components activated by the case author. 
  • Format: Currently only pdf is available, other formats are planned.
  • Components: You can choose which components of the case shall be included into the summary or be available for student configuration. Display will be in the same order as listed, with each component the order will be according to the card ordering.

Please click on “Save” to activate the session summary and save your changes. The summary will be displayed to the course participants on the session summary page and on the case selection page.

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