Learning Objectives

„If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve arrived?“
(Robert F. Mager)

Learning objectives as a blueprint for the case
The author shoud consider what knowledge he/she wants the student to gain from this particular case. These goals should constitute the basis for the case.

Learning objectives to help students
It is also useful for the students to know what their learning goals are for each particular case, so that they can determine for themselves whether or not they have achieved these goals.

Formulating learning objectives
Here are a few suggestions on how to formulate learning goals:

  • After finishing the case, the student is able to…

This is then followed by the „what“ and „how“, for example:

  • …name the histological classification of burns.
  • …determine the amount of volume substitution using the Parkland formula.
  • …correctly interpret a cardiac infarction ECG.
  • …explain the diagnostic steps of a myocardial infarcation.
  • …etc.