Learning targets

“If you don´t know exactly where you want to go, you may arrive where you don´t wanted to.”
(Robert Mager)

Learning targets as a building plan for the case
If one doesn´t think about what shall be achieved with the learners, there´s no solid foundation for the design of the case. After all one can´t bulid a house without the plan of an architect. Or an surgeon can´t begin with the operation and choose his instruments without being aware of what should be achieved by the operation.

Learning targets as a help for the learner
Also for the learner it is helpful to know what the targets of a learning case are that he can check afterwards if he has reached them.

Formulation of learning targets
Here´s an useful phrase to formulate learning targets:
     After working on the case the learner is able to….
This is followed by “what” and “how”, e.g.:
     … designate the histological classification of burns.
     … assign the adequate amount of volume substitution.
     … identify a heart attack in an ECG.
     … describe the diagnostic steps of a heart attack.

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