Content levels

In a learning case you can realise 3 content levels:

Level 1: Patient story

With the patient story you elaborate the case of your virtual patient from the anamnesis over the diagnostic steps to the diagnose and therapy. It is the most important level, the core of a case.

Level 2: Story board

The story board embraces the patient story. It tells the situation of the patient and characterizes the physicians work. The targets are …

  • to create interest and increase motivation.
  • to convey reality and complexity of clinical work.

Moreover you can realise targets concerning social skills. You can …

  • transfer an appreciatin attitude towards others (the patient, his/her family members, colleagues, other occupational groups).
  • include aspects of communication (which is of vital importance for patients and all others) and cooperation.

Level 3: Autor level

The author level is not compulsory, but it provides space to:

  • establish a peronal contact between author and learner.
  • give information that is related to a learning setting (lecture, tutorial etc.).

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