Content Levels

There are three levels that make up a learning case:

Level 1: Patient's story

The patient's story should elaborate the case that your virtual patient presents. It covers the anamnesis, the diagnostic steps leading up to the diagnosis and eventually therapy and treatment options. It is the most important level and constitutes the core of the case.

Level 2: Storyboard

The storyboard embraces the patient's story. It lets the student emphasize with the patient's situation and characterizes the physician's work. The targets are …

  • to create interest and increase motivation.
  • to convey the reality and complexity of clinical work.

Moreover, you can implement targets concerning social skills. You can …

  • create appreciation towards others (the patient, his/her family, colleagues, other occupational groups).
  • include aspects of communication (which is of vital importance for patients and all others) and cooperation.

Level 3: Author level

The author level is not compulsory, but it provides space to:

  • establish personal contact between the author and the students.
  • give information that is related to a learning setting (lecture, tutorial etc.).