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Please be aware that when two users are logged into the course manager at the same time, they cannot simultaneously work on the same course. Each course is only accessible through the user profile in which it was written. Courses which are no longer/not yet active are marked with a *.

The following screen elements are available:

Course search: The search function lets you filter the list of courses by ID or title (entering part of the title also works).

Create new course: When a new course is set up in the database, the pages that let you edit the course characteristics will open automatically.

Edit a course: Choose a course from the list and then click on “edit course”.

Archiving/restoring: The selected course will automatically be stored in the archive and can be restored at any time. All the course data and the resulting evaluation data will be saved.

Deleting a course: The selected course, including all user and evaluation data, will be deleted. This is only possible for courses that have previously been archived.

Open/leave archive: You can alternate between the list of courses that have been filed and the list of courses that are currently online.

Search a user: You can search for users based on specific criteria.

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