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Longitudinal Case Elements (Toolbox)

You can access longitudinal case elements by clicking on the toolbar icon (upper right-hand corner on each card). To close the toolbar, please click on the icon once again. The following elements are currently available:

Taking notes on findings and differential diagnoses (if activated for the case):

You can take notes on the findings that you have collected during your case session and on the differential diagnoses that you want to take into account. The entered findings and hypotheses are available throughout the case, regardless of the card that you used to enter them. The following functions are available:

  • Adding new hypotheses and findings using the “add” button.
  • Removing hypotheses and findings using the red cross symbol.
  • Marking hypotheses, which are your current favorite(s) using the star symbol.
  • Marking hypotheses, which have to be ruled out immediately, for example because they are life threatening, using the warning symbol.
  • Hypotheses can be sorted by using drag & drop.

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