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Summary of your Case Session/Clipboard

On this page you can see a summary of your case session. The following details will be listed:

  • Name of the cards (click on the name to jump back to the card)
  • If the comments or discussion feature is enabled, you will see the respective symbol next to the card's name.
  • Card comment (if available)
  • Question type (if applicable)

If enabled for your course, you will also see the following information:

  • Score: the overall score (% of all given answers, except non-rated free-text answers) of your case session
  • Score of each card containing a question/answer (except non-rated free-text answers)

Further information

  • Please be aware that only synonyms, which have been entered and recognized by the system will be taken into account.
  • Scoring for multiple-choice answers is as follows (default setting): (Number of correct answers - number of wrong answers)/number of answers * 100; questions with only one correct answer can only receive 100% or 0%.


  • If you want to quit CASUS, please click quit.
  • You can return to your case session by clicking the cancel button.
  • Click on case selection to open another caseĀ from the selection page.
  • If available, you can evaluate your case by clicking on the evaluation link (this can also be done at a later time by clicking on the link provided on the case selection page).

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