Settings for Admins

Usually you create a course as a learning course. But if you are admin you are able to create the follwing types of courses:

  • Demo course: kind of course, which is shown on the welcome page of your group and everybody can participate in. For each group only one demo course could be created. It is not possible to assign the demo course to a tutor. Please take care that the published cases won't breach copyrights and other rights (e.g. data privacy)!
  • CME course: This kind of course only you only should implement on the CME platform because then the users are able to collect and manage their CME points.
  • CME demo course for every user of your group after the log in.

If you have access to more than one group you have to select one for you course. This is very important because of data privacy reasons: every user of the course will be assigned to the selected course and so only the course tutors have access to the data of the participants. 

Special Settings for CME courses

  • Show solutions: Here you can select if the user can see the right answers of the CME questions after finishing the case.

Please don't forget to click “Save”! Besides your entries will be saved automatically if you click “Participants” and “Cases”.

CAVE! If you only click “Close” your settings won't be saved!

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