Edit/Create course

Some course settings are required, they are marked with * .

The following data can be entered:

  • Title: The title of the course appears in the list on the course selection page and is displayed in the Player after having logged in.
  • Course type:The following options are available:
  • Learning course (normal course)
  • Teachers/Instructors course (with special settings for course instructors)
  • Selfassessment course (Special feature: All cards of cases are available from start, Jumping forward is permitted.)
  • Guest/Demo course (Can only be created by admins for each group and allows guests without login to access cases)
  • (External) Comment (optional): This comment will be displayed in the player for each course participant after login.
  • Email of the person in charge: As the course tutor, you should type in your email address here, so that the course participants (via support email) or system administrators can contact you.
  • Duration of course: The cases are available to the course participants within the time-span given here. Additionally you can specify the exact time, at which the course shall be opened/closed (under More options).
  • Feedback allowed: If you want to allow your course participants to send feedback, please tick this checkbox. There will automatically appear a Feedback link on each card, which allows the user to send his/her protest. This feedback goes to the author of the case (depending on his/her profile also via Email) and is displayed in the authoring system.
  • Allow reset of sessions: If this box is actived course participants can reset their session (all session data will be deleted during this process and only the last session will be accesible for the course manager.
  • Enable Tree Navigation: If this option is ticked, students get the casestructure in the player on the left hand side as tree navigation. Only cards are displayed and accessible that have been completed (linear navigation).


More options (usually you do not need to change these options for standard courses)

  • Internal Comment: Accessible in the coursemanager.
  • Activate Social Networking: If you tick this checkbox the user who are online and work on a case in your course are displayed for other course participants with there Facebook account (depending on user profile settings). 
  • Start- and Endtime of your course (only relevant for exam setting) with timezone, otherwise leave blank.
  • Comments allowed (if available): With this function you can allow your course participants and tutors to edit comments for discussion. You shouldn't allow this fuction together with the feedback function. You can find more information here.
  • Self registration (if available): If you want to enable this option for your course, all students can register with their university email address. you have to define the allowed email domains with the groupmanager. This is only available if enabled for your group. Please contact us for more information and if you want to enable this kind of registration.
  • Minimum of required cases: You can determine here the minimum number of cases a student must successfully work on in order to pass the course. This number is taken into account for the display of the result table.
  • Show success rate in session summary: When activating this box (default is activated) the users will get on the session summary page for each answer of the case their success rate. If you do not activate this, only the card list, answertypes and an overall rating are displayed.
  • Show success rate for course tutors: When activating this box (default is activated) the tutors of this course will be able to access the success rates of the course participants. If you do not activate this, only the completed cards, answertypes and time on task are accessible .
  • Certificates: This options allows course participants to download a certificate when they fullfill the minimum requirements defined by the course manager. To use this, please define the minimum of required cases and also have a look at the case criteria which have to be fullfilled (such as 50% correct answers etc.). These criteria can be modified under case criteria. The certificate can be created for the complete course or for each case seperately.
  • Case rating allowed: Learner can rate each case at the end of a session on a five-star scale. Medium rating of each case is displayed on the case selection page (if more than 10 ratings).
  • Answers always editable: This option allows learners to always change the given answer during their case session. Only the last given answer will be stored in the database. (=exam mode)
  • Suppress Feedback When clicking this option, the learners will neither get any information about the correctness of their answer nor an answercomment will be displayed (=exam mode)
  • External Id: If your course is related to some other external material (e.g. course booking is done by external sources), you can enter the Id here. Currently this is only relevant for CME courses and courses provided thru the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb).

If you have entered all details, please click on Save.

If you are administrator you will find here more possibilities for settings.

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