Sending email

You can send an email to a course participant or a list of participants as well as to a coursegroup tutor. Options:

  • Please enter a subject and the text you want to send..
  • Recepients are all users assigned to the course (or all course tutors) with valid email addresses.
  • If there are no users with valid email addresses assigned to your course you cannot send a message.
  • The reply-to address is the address entered on the course info page (first page after opening the coursemanager). If you want to use a different one, please enter it below the message text field.
  • Click onto Send to start the sending of the mails (each participant gets a separate email!).
  • As soon as all emails have been sent you will receive a notification.

Please beware that the mail is only sent to users who have confirmed their registration (if they have been invited).

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