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Case Versions

If you already have cases and would like to update these, you can use the versioning function.

Impact on player mode: This allows students who have already started a session on the old version of a case to continue working on it, whereas students who have not yet started will receive the new version.

Impact on reports: The “case use reports” represent when student X has worked on case Y. If a case has been “versioned”, the case and all versions of the case sessions will be displayed under this case. In the course manager, the newest version that you would like to have displayed needs to be in the “cases” tab.

  • In course manager: For example, case version 3 is included, case version 4 is already in progress but not yet in the course manager: This will result in reports that represent students who have worked on version 1, version 2 or version 3. Version 4 is excluded at this point.
  • If you replace case version 3 with case version 4, the reports will represent students who have worked on version 1, version 2, version 3 or version 4.
  • Versioning requires extra data structure in order to be efficient. If you declare a version using the case copy tool or switch versions later using case overview, please let CASUS support know before doing so.

How to use versioning:
To create a new version of your original case, ask your administrator (or us) to create a case copy. The administrator has to be aware of the versioning flag, which is on the export admin page. You can then edit and update the case copy (this does not affect your original case).
As soon as you want to make the new version available to your students, you have to remove the old case version in the course and replace it with the new one. This can be done at any time in an active course and the new version will only be accessible to those students who have not yet started or students who reset their session.

Eventually, you should delete/archive the original case. The old version will no longer be displayed, regardless of whether students have already started a session.

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